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Santa Cruz Democratic Party Elections

The Santa Cruz Democratic Central Committee (“SCDCC”) is the governing body of the California Democratic Party at the local level (Santa Cruz County), as required by state law.

From local to presidential elections, delegates of the Santa Cruz Democratic Party work hard to engage voters and help Democratic candidate win. They are on the front lines in our community doing the work of the California Democratic Party to:

  • Identify, encourage, and support Democrats who choose to run for public office;

  • Conduct voter registration drives;

  • Increase voter turnout at the polls; and

  • Sponsor activities designed to educate and inform the community on current political issues.


SDCC delegates are elected by all registered Democrats in their Supervisorial district every four years (unless the number of candidates is the same or less than the number of seats available, in which case those candidates will be automatically appointed). The number of seats is calculated by the number of voters who participated in the last election for Governor. In the 5th District of Santa Cruz there are 5 seats, so voters will get to select five candidates

This is an unpaid position. 

Candidate Statements for Members
of the Santa Cruz Democratic Party

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