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Help the DCNSCC Improve How it Operates!

Amendments will be Voted on at the May Meeting.


The Democratic Club of North Santa Cruz County is a product of its members and how they feel it makes the most sense to operate in order to achieve the goals of cultivating democratic values in our community. Accordingly, each year a committee of volunteers reviews and proposes updates to our Bylaws to adjust the procedural rules to the reality of the how we operate.

This year, the proposed amendments were brought forth to address the following: 


Dues: Because we now have earlier primaries, we will often have endorsement forums in January, which is the same month that annual dues are payable. The Bylaws Committee recommends that annual dues be paid in July which will make it easier to track payment of dues and members in good standing who are eligible to vote.


Executive Board Expenditure Approvals: This changes the amount from $250 to $500 that can be approved by the Executive Board and adds language allowing for Executive Board approved expenditures will be included in the Treasurer's monthly financial reports to club membership.


DCC Club Representative: This new section adds language about the club's representative and alternate to the Democratic Central Committee.


Other more minor changes include clarifying language and revisions to reflect current practices. (Examples: (1) agendas are not distributed by the Secretary and (2) after club membership approval, the treasurer can disburse funds without the requirement of two signatures.


The proposed amendments will be discussed at the April meeting. A motion to approve the changes may be brought upon the second reading, at the May meeting. But it's your club, so weigh in! 


A redlined copy of the proposed Bylaws can be found here

A clean copy that incorporates all the changes, as if approved as proposed, can be found here.

Bylaws Amendment_edited.jpg
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