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Measure W

Measure V - Return your ballot by October 24th

Measure W - Return your ballot by November 7th.

PLEASE NOTE, you will receive two separate ballots. You are not being asked to vote twice; you receive one ballot for each measure.

Also, PLEASE NOTE the different deadlines.

(To keep it simple, vote early for both).

to Build a Better Firehouse in Scotts Valley

The fire station headquarters at Erba Lane does not meet essential services building and safety standards. Measure W will allow for the construction of a new strategically located fire station on La Madrona Drive across from the Hilton Hotel. The bond measure is for $27.50 per $100,000 assessed property value and would total a $22.24M to build the new firehouse.

If passed by two-thirds of Scotts Valley voters, Measure W will provide funding for a safe, strategically located fire station that meets seismic standards and building codes. It would include proper ventilation, a decontamination area, and improved access for streamlined ingress and egress.


The new firehouse will improve District coverage and response times. Every minute, fires can double in size and the chance of someone surviving a cardiac event decreases by reducing response time is a critical component for saving lives and keeping our community safe.


Better coverage by fire teams also results in lower levels of evaluated risk, and can therefore influence homeowners’ ability to continue to access fire insurance.   


We all know the importance of having up to date emergency response teams and tools at the time of a disaster. Support Measure W and support the fire district so firefighters can serve this growing community more efficiently.   


The DCNSCC voted to endorse Measure W in October after hearing an excellent presentation by Scotts Valley Fire Chief Mark Corriera. You can see the slides from that presentation here. We hope you consider voting Yes on Measure W.

To learn more about Measure W visit

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