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Measure V

Measure V - Return your ballot by October 24th.

Measure W - Return your ballot by November 7th.

PLEASE NOTE, you will receive two separate ballots. You are not being asked to vote twice; you receive one ballot for each measure.

Also, PLEASE NOTE the different deadlines.

(To keep it simple, vote early for both).

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to Support
Scotts Valley Students

Measure V proposes a 7-year, $168 annual tax applied to every parcel within the Scotts Valley School District.* If 2/3 of Scotts Valley voters pass Measure V, it will generate nearly $1 million a year of 100% locally-controlled funding to ensure SVUSD can:


  • Pay competitive wages to SVUSD teachers, counselors, and staff;

  • Maintain STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs; and

  • Continue providing essential student counseling support.


Measure V will replace the current $108 annual parcel tax that expires in 2024.


Property owners over 65 or receiving disability can apply for exemption. Revenue will fund salaries for teachers, staff and counselors - not administrators.

The DCNSCC voted to endorse Measure V in August after hearing an excellent presentation by SVUSD Board President Michael Shulman and SVUSD Superintendent. You can see the slides from that presentation here.

You can also find more details on Measure V at

We hope you consider voting Yes on Measure V.

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